Mettler Toledo IND890SQC sonstige Wägetechnik

Mettler Toledo IND890SQC sonstige Wägetechnik
Mettler Toledo IND890SQC sonstige Wägetechnik
Mettler Toledo IND890SQC sonstige Wägetechnik Bild 2
Mettler Toledo IND890SQC sonstige Wägetechnik Bild 3
Mettler Toledo IND890SQC sonstige Wägetechnik Bild 4
Mettler Toledo IND890SQC sonstige Wägetechnik Bild 5
Mettler Toledo IND890SQC sonstige Wägetechnik Bild 6
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Marke:  Mettler Toledo
Modell:  IND890SQC
Typ:  sonstige Wägetechnik
Standort:  Frankreich Toulouse
Anzeigendatum:  29.03.2024
Machineryline ID:  TJ39452
Zustand:  gebraucht

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2x Mettler Toledo IND890SQC scales
Technical specifications
Touch interface
Standard on all 10" models
protection IP69K
suitable for harsh industrial environments. Stainless steel housing with
Easy to read thanks to an intuitive interface and
and icons. DeltaTrac display for easy weighing
up to the target quantity
Data memory
Storage card
supplied as standard with all models
Balance interface
The balance includes the following interfaces
SICS and SICSpro
Connectivity Standard
Ethernet connectivity for integration
industrial networks. It is also up to six interfaces (scales
interfaces (scales
serial (RS-232)) for connection to connection to a computer
or a barcode scanner
Data archiving
Data can be exported to a USB memory stick
or to a network location
HMI display options
Available in panel mount and ruggedized harsh environment mounting. The harsh environment enclosure includes an ergonomic swivel mount for wall swivel mount for wall or bench mounting
Assured compliance
A large number of products can be defined in the product catalogue. For each product
one of
tolerance systems can be selected
These tolerance systems help customers to comply with national and international legislation
national and international legislation on net content
as well as more such as the BRC (British Retail Consortium)
IFS (International Featured Standards for Food) or OIML R 87 (Organization of Legal Metrology)
The operator will also be directly informed if it is necessary to is necessary to make an immediate change to the to the filling process
Security insurance
To enhance security
different profiles are associated with certain functions. For example
only have access to the areas of the system they they need
Simple connectivity
The system is compatible with CB readers
USB keys and LV11 tablet dispensers
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